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Wish they were bigger but would recommend

6 December, 2019

If they were just a little bit bigger I think my 14 month old would be able to use them more easily. They are small and sometimes if he's holding them the color isn't even poking out for color to transfer to paper. Good for indoor time in cold weather...drawing on cardboard box. My dog also thought they were food and ate one. Not expensive and worth it though. Just wish they were bigger.

-- KillCreek

Fun spin on crayons!

6 December, 2019

These were a stocking stuffer for my 2.5 year old. She has developed the bad habit of eating traditional crayons...after peeling off the paper and leaving a million tiny flakes of it scattered on the rug. But she loves to color so I decided to give these a try. They are perfect. The rock shapes are easy for her little hands to hold and the colors are bright and smooth. She loves the red velvet bag and even puts them away most of the time! My cousin, who is a kindergarten teacher, saw her colorin ... Read More

-- Bernardo C Rodriguez

These are so fun...

6 December, 2019

These are so fun and very good for helping kids develop grasping skills and fine motor coordination. regular crayons can be a little thin for small hands to grasp and these fit nicely into little hands. They also come in a neat felt bag, so it looks like a little treasure bag for your child. My kids also love to load these into their toy dump trucks and drive them around and unload and re-load them. Lots of fun with these crayon rocks. I have a younger child (12 months) that we have to watch car ... Read More

-- Anne

Wonderful product!

6 December, 2019

Wonderful product! Made right here in the USA. Colors are bright and color beautifully. My grandkids love them!!!

-- Jill Port

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