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Crayon Rocks rock!'

This is Lewis 6yrs. When Lewis was 3 he had a stroke that paralyzed the right side of his body and also cerebral palsy. He now has to be lefty but it's not that easy to switch pencil grips and we have honestly tried everything. This is Lewis' 'Crayon Rocks rock!' face. These are absolutely the best thing ever for little hands that have difficulty with their pencil grip. Thanks so so much Crayon Rocks!"

6 December, 2019

-- Australian mother of Lewis

I have a 3-year old son born with Down Syndrome...

Dear Barbara, I have a 3-year old son born with Down Syndrome. I first saw Crayon rocks while shopping at a children's store a few months ago. I was very intrigued after reading the write-up and its purpose and the fact that it was safe and its tripod grip crayons. Without further thought, I bought a set for my son, Isaac even though it was costly. When I first introduced the crayons to him, he was resistant to using them as it was tiring to hold them using the tripod grip. However, it wasn't long before he took to it like duck to water. What I have noticed is that his colouring skills has improved over time and even when he is holding a pencil or marker, he would hold it in the tripod grip without much prompting. This is fantastic as it would strengthen his fine motor muscles and prepare him for the next stage, writing. Impressed and heartened by what I had observed in my son, I wanted his classmates in his special needs school to experience the same success. I brought the crayons to class and encouraged them to try them. Their parents were present too and loved the crayons. I purchased more crayon rocks through the internet for them as they cost a lot more in the shops. His special needs teacher also ordered two sets. I also recommended resources to her and to the Senior teacher specialist whenever I come across anything worth mentioning as I know the other pupils under their care would also benefit from it. Having brought this to the Senior teacher's attention, she is now reviewing the use of the crayons (Isaac's) for other special needs pupils in the school with her team. I have also shown her Isaac's work (colouring) and would also be asking her to recommend it to the teachers of other special needs schools. I am hoping to recommend the product to other parents of special needs children too through my parent support network as I strongly believe in the use of the crayons. Raising children with special needs is rather costly and offering the crayons to them at a more affordable price would ensure these children get a chance to work on their fine motor skills and experience success like Isaac. As for those whose parents are unable to afford them, they would have access to them in school. As such, I am wondering if it was possible to order the crayons at a more affordable price? Do advise. Yours sincerely, Bernadette Choo

6 December, 2019

-- Bernadette Choo

From Crayon

Thanks so much for our Crayon Rocks. My son loves them. The size and shape of the crayon means that he has naturally gone from a club grip to tri grip on first use!! Thanks again, Amanda

6 December, 2019

-- Amanda

I bought Crayon Rocks for my 7 year old deaf -blind...

I bought Crayon Rocks for my 7 year old deaf -blind, developmentally delayed granddaughter and one set for her OT/sensory integration therapist. Amy talks with a communication device using her fingers but has only recently started to hold crayons, paint brushes etc. I've been cutting crayons and pencils to make them shorter, so I was intrigued by the product. Amy took to them immediately.”

6 December, 2019

-- Mary Ellen Shattman

Awesome crayons

I home-school my kids and I purchased these to teach my 4 year old how to correctly hold a pencil. They work perfectly. He is now writing with much more ease. He is holding it correctly and having an easier time forming his letters and numbers. My 6 year old also enjoys coloring with them, and even using them in her school work to make it more colorful. I highly recommend these. If you can't afford them a cheaper option is to break regular crayons to adjust their hold but these are just so cute and fun. A great product!!!!

6 December, 2019

-- Catlady - Amazon

These were recommended...

These were recommended for my 3 year old daughter by her Occupational Therapist. She uses them to color, and she loves them. The bonus is that she has naturally learned how to hold a regular crayon as well because of the way she holds these. They are the same idea as writing with a broken crayon, but my OCD can't handle a bunch of broken crayons laying around. Plus, these are so much more fun! They color well and last a long time!

6 December, 2019

-- Sydney - Amazon

Such appealing size, shape and colors for preschoolers

My 3-year-old grandsons LOVE these "lava rocks."I sent these to my twin grandsons because they use a warming tray to make beautiful melted-wax masterpieces. I had not been able to find crayons that were not wrapped in paper and these seemed to do the trick. I am not sure whether they have used them with the hot tray but I received a video of them in the thick of fantasy play with these beautifully-shaped little crayons. They imagine that they are lava rocks and that each of the 16 vibrant colors represents a different temperature of lava. They trade them and examine them for just the right color for the picture they are drawing. The shapes are just perfect for holding in their little hands and the vibrant colors stimulate all kinds of flights of fantasy. They would also look good in an Easter basket as long as the children were warned not to eat them! I LOVE this new kind of crayon and so do my grandsons. And if they ever get around to using them with the hot tray -- it will save a lot of crayon peeling (a task I never much enjoyed). I am so happy to have stumbled across these little gems. And the red velvet bag makes them all the more esciting. Good job Crayon!

6 December, 2019

-- Turbodella - Amazon

Worth every penny!

These crayons are awesome! I love that these crayons don’t have any paper on them because my son tends to rip it all off and make a big mess. These are just the right shape for his little hands and it’s forcing him to use the proper grip for writing without him even knowing it. He loves them!

6 December, 2019

-- Amazon Mama

Teach Your Boy Some Dexterity and Fine Motor Skills

My son is 3 as of this review. Yes this looks like candy (kind of) but he clearly knows it is a crayon set and won't attempt to eat these. So for those reviewers or consumers concerned, don't be. Unless your kid is too young where you would have to worry. Now to the substance...I bought these for a stocking stuffer because I wanted him to learn how to hold a pen/pencil/etc. Boys develop there fine motor skills later in life. As soon as he picked one of these up he was holding it naturally. Not the closed fist that those with young boys are used to seeing. So these are a keeper. Have no idea how long they will last, but they look solid, I find it almost impossible to think these would break like normal crayons and the colors are rich and vibrant. For the purpose of why I bought them, these are perfect.

6 December, 2019

-- Sebass - Amazon

Cool, novelty

Cool, novelty, nice gift for my nephew who I am sure will enjoy the different surfaces of the pebbles for making different kinds of lines. I have to admit - there was a moment when I took them out of the box and looked in the (very cool) bag and thought - I just bought some small chunks of crayon. But he likes them and I know they would have seemed magical to me as a kid.

6 December, 2019

-- Book User - Amazon

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